Small business has been part of Gordon’s life for over 40 years; for the past 16 years, he has owned and run Advisersure Financial Consultants. Gordon founded this business with the objective of providing highly personalised financial advice to individuals and families. Gordon’s experience has proved to be highly successful with the firm being highly regarded by clients and peers alike.

Working in the financial services sector for over 30 years, Gordon has lived through an extraordinary array of events impacting on clients and his own business. With this great depth of experience, Gordon can relate to the things that impact on his clients and help them deal with challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

Gordon genuinely believes that success is built on planning, and he exhibits great skill at helping people understand their personal resources and for business owners charting a path showing how the business can provide the personal financial outcomes sought.

Gordon works in partnership with people to bring their plans (both business and personal) to fruition often over very long time frames. He has helped hundreds of Australian families grow their wealth and ultimately achieve peace of mind.

Gordon also consults to small businesses and has worked with business owners in publishing, tourism, personal fitness and building services.

Gordon Black is an Authorised Representative No. 249864 of LifeStyle Asset Management AFSL:288421.

Gordon Black