Areas where Advisersure can help establish an estate plan that’s right for you:

  • By ensuring your wishes and the essential elements are included in your Will.
  • By helping you establish Powers of Attorney (enduring powers and medical powers) to ensure the right decision can be made when you are not capable of making them.
  • That control of trusts, superannuation funds, and other entities, which sit outside of your estate, are reviewed.
  • That your situation is regularly reviewed to ensure any major changes in your life are represented in your plan.

No-one likes to think about estate planning, but it is an essential part of maintaining control over your affairs.

You may already have a strong preference for how you would like your assets disbursed, or you may have a complex personal situation and not know where to start.

Estate planning can help you ensure that your assets are passed on to your family or beneficiaries in the way you intended. If you own a business, you will also have to consider how that will be handled within your estate.

Not just about Wills

Although a well-structured will is important, estate planning is more than that. It enables you to manage your personal, financial and business affairs while you are alive, to ensure everything is structured exactly the way you want it. Then, when the inevitable occurs, your preparation will mean your wishes can be carried out exactly as you intended.

At Advisersure, we will work with you and specialist advisers to establish a plan that will provide certainty for your future and the future of your loved ones.

Case Study

When Harry & Catherine became clients of Advisersure, a comprehensive estate review was undertaken. The couple had a number of personally and jointly owned assets and a Self -managed Super Fund. A simple Will was in place but despite there being two children as ultimate beneficiaries, only one was a potential executor.

The review focused firstly on control in the event that either Harry, Catherine or both of them became incompetent. This resulted in Powers of Attorney being established with both children as joint attorneys. A new Will was written with Harry & Catherine as executors for each other and their children as alternate executors and Binding death & disablement nominations within the SMSF were established.

These steps immediately gave peace of mind to Harry & Catherine and the confidence that both their children and their four grandchildren would be properly provided for. Latterly when firstly Catherine developed dementia and subsequently when Harry died, the children were appropriately empowered to provide for Catherine and when she passes, they will be best positioned to administer her estate.

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