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Advisersure can assist you with your Aged Care choices by:

  • Providing expert analysis of your options so you can make informed decisions
  • Giving carefully researched recommendations for optimum financial strategy
  • Help you manage your Centrelink/DVA account to ensure you receive maximum entitlements
  • Liaising with your chosen facility to help you manage cash flow requirements

Moving into aged care presents a number of difficult decisions for the resident and their family. At a stressful time, we can help you navigate the financial complexities of the Aged Care and Centrelink/DVA Pension system.

The financial arrangements vary from facility to facility and every individual’s circumstances are different. Careful planning of the resident’s financial affairs can also make a significant difference to the total cost of the residency.

At Advisersure, we use our expert knowledge of the aged care system to model personal financial strategies when working with clients and their families. We help people to optimise their pension entitlements and reduce aged care fees where possible.

We work to structure finances so that aged care is affordable now and sustainable into the future; giving you peace of mind and professional support every step of the way.

Case Study

Thelma lived at her home with her husband Brian who suffered from early onset dementia and was receiving respite care once a week.  Realising that his condition was worsening, Thelma contacted Advisersure for specialist aged care financial advice.

Thelma and her children were initially presented with an outline of the costs and fees involved in transitioning Brian to an aged care facility on a permanent basis.  From there, Thelma and Brian’s financial assets and income requirements were assessed and a tailored cash flow strategy was developed to meet both Thelma’s living costs and Brian’s aged care expenses.

Within a few months Brian had begun to further deteriorate and the necessity to move him into an aged care facility became a lot more urgent.  Thelma and her family followed the plan prepared by Advisersure. This ensured that, once Brian had been moved into a facility room, his associated costs were provided for immediately.  Thelma is able to continue to live at home with the peace of mind that her husband’s care needs are being provided and that her finances are being looked after.

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