After spending almost four decades working in the Insurance industry I thought that I should have a rough idea as to how I was going to set up my retirement, but after a number of years of procrastination, I realised that I really didn’t know just where to start.

We were fairly conservative having had three children to bring up and educate and although I had Life Insurance, a small share portfolio, a couple of properties and some superannuation, I was still uncertain as to how to go about our transition to retirement.

We went to seminars on the subject held by various so called retirement organizations and I went down the path of seeing four or five financial planners to see what they had to offer or suggest, but it was not until I met with Gordon and his team that I actually felt that I understood what was not only available but that it was explained to me in such a way that I had confidence to introduce my wife to Gordon to discuss this further. After all, if I was to fall off the perch, I needed to be satisfied that my wife would also feel comfortable in dealing with Gordon. Not one of the other advisers that I spoke to gave me this feeling.

A detailed plan was formulated and I was told that I could proceed with retirement plans and so started this journey of our “tree change” to the Western District of Victoria on to a small plot of land where we could smell the country air instead of the city where we had grown up and lived for the past 60 years.

I might add that along the way I didn’t mind telling friend, work colleagues and clients of mine of my dealings with Gordon and a number of these, nine I think at the last count, have also chosen Advisersure as their preferred Financial Adviser.

We now live on the farm of 110 acres where we have a flock of sheep producing fat lambs, a small herd of Australian Lowline stud and commercial cattle producing a small amount of grass fed beef and more recently we have introduced a small herd of Stud Miniature Donkeys to our farm for breeding purposes.

Overall we have nothing but the highest of praise for the work that Gordon and his team have done and continue to do for us to maintain our lifestyle.

We would highly recommend Advisersure to anyone.

David and Rosemary

Prior to being with Advisersure my husband was literally snowed under with handling our various investments and his self-managed super fund.  A solicitor friend suggested we contact Advisersure and have them handle everything on our behalf.

As my husband was an accountant I had left the running of our finances to him.

When my husband recently passed away I found myself in a position of solely handling the monetary situation myself, an area I had no expertise.

Thankfully we had been with Advisersure prior to his death.

The team at Advisersure where extremely helpful in every way in explaining all the ins and outs of money management i.e. when to buy and sell shares/ how to use internet banking/ organised a new Will/ explaining what each bank account represented.

I am very happy with my current situation and have no hesitation in recommending Advisersure to anybody looking for financial advisers.

Susan Weeks