Emmett is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® with 20 years of experience in the financial advice industry. Prior to this Emmett worked for the Australian Taxation Office for 14 years.

He has a breadth of experience in financial planning and can draw upon this when helping you. Emmett has worked for credit unions, several of Australia’s largest industry superannuation funds, chartered accounting firms and he also established and operated his own licensed financial planning practice specialising in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds.

Emmett is an Accredited Aged Care Professional™ who initially became involved in providing aged care advice when helping his mother and several other relatives with the financial considerations of moving to an aged care facility; this provided him with first-hand experience of the range of issues that need to be addressed.

Emmett explains

“Aged Care has a set of rules governing the costs of entry /securing a place in a facility and a set of rules regarding payment of ongoing monthly fees which cover the cost of the daily care provided.

There is considerable overlap with Centrelink and means testing rules for the majority of people and there is detailed paperwork that needs to be completed which I can help with.

What to do with the family home can also come into play and these issues often need to be addressed in time critical and emotional situations. You’re often dealing with the adult children or relatives of the person going into care and issues around capacity, powers of attorney and estate planning are also important.

Focussing on aged care advice means that I’m always on top of the rules and allows me to quickly provide clarity for clients and family members as to what their likely costs will be and how to minimise these where possible. I will provide tailored written options on how to handle the immediate and ongoing expenses of aged care for the client/family to consider, providing peace of mind and confidence.

We can also help people with where to start: from organising an aged care assessment to beginning the process of looking at aged care facilities. We sometimes refer clients to businesses that help shortlist suitable aged care facilities given the needs and location of the person going into care.

Advisersure’s philosophy is ‘Caring, Competent and Cost-Effective’, this is an ethos that resonates with me and which very aptly describes what we do here.”

Emmett Wilkinson is an Authorised Representative No. 319614 of

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